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  • Taper Stripes Candle

  • Raki Candle

  • Geometric Candle

  • Flow Candle

  • Emboss Candle

  • BaumKerzen Candle

  • Ball Stripes Candle

  • Taper Embossed

  • Tall Jar Candle

  • Pillar Textured

  • Pillar Conicle

  • Pebble Candle

  • Iglo

  • Flat Pillar

  • Bottle

  • Pear Candle

  • Pillar Candle

  • House Candle

  • Bulb Candle

  • Bowl Candle

  • Ball Candle

  • Apple Candle

  • Everyday Test

    These candles are all pass the -everyday test-.

    They are burnt very stable, steady and in a consistent manner all the time. Suitable for everyday use in and around the home.

    They are decorative as well as functional and will blend perfectly with the room environment as if they have been already there forever before.



    We are working with the complexity of colour, texture and aroma imagination, and can offer the flexibility to closely match customer colour requirements (to the PANTONE colours card) to produce the accurate candle colour specification.

    In addition to our collection, we also offer a wide basic range of candles as well as designed candles inline to the latest trends. Beside our changing designs, we are also open for :

    - Custom Design

    - Private Label



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