Wax Industri


  • Taper Embossed

  • Tall Jar Candle

  • Pillar Textured

  • Pillar Conicle

  • Pebble Candle

  • Iglo

  • Flat Pillar

  • Bottle

  • Pear Candle

  • Pillar Candle

  • House Candle

  • Bulb Candle

  • Bowl Candle

  • Ball Candle

  • Apple Candle

  • Quality

    we conduct (almost) all of our manufacturing process in-house. so, we are in the position to observe strictly the controlling protocols to ensure the quality is well managed.

    training and other skill developments are essentials part of our company


    Skilled Hands

    all these candles are designed and produced with utmost attention to detail to provide luxurious and joyful experiences. we strive to create a truly unique quality candles, made by skilled hands, using as much local renewable materials as possible. only items that cannot be manufactured to our highest specifications, is outsource elsewhere.


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